This web-site will ultimately be about environmentally sound lighting technology solutions for both commercial and residential applications. We must make some statements of principles before we proceed with our primary mission. The phenomina of ‘light’ in the science of physics is mostly referred to as photonics. In fact, almost everything on the planet Earth has been somehow modified by the derivative photonic effects of sunlight. All the energy used by mankind is derivative of either the sun’s direct input of photonic energy over billions of years (i.e. fossil fuels) or as a result of the immense gravity of the sun as the principle organizing force to the solar system. For example, the sun’s gravity well is the principle force behind the collection of all materials that comprise the Earth, including raw nuclear materials that can be used to generate nuclear power.

The Sun’s direct photonic input to the Earth has far reaching consequences to our daily lives. Our weather, the planet’s biosphere, the storing of fossil fuels energy over billions of years, and countless other examples are directly related to the daily flood of solar photonics. More importantly, without the Earth’s ability to moderate this energy flow in numerous mechanisms, we wouldn’t be here. Without our magnetosphere, it is unlikely that much of the biosphere would ever have developed.

A brief discussion of nuclear energy is important. Most people loose sight of the fact that, although the Sun is hundreds of millions of miles from Earth, it is nonetheless an unshielded, completely open fusion reactor of guargantuan proportions and literally right next door, galactically speaking. We believe the anti-nuclear movement needs to rethink their principles. Obviously, if the Sun is able to sustain our world through wide open production of fusion energy in the neighborhood, mankind should be able to harmoniously achieve the same effect with sound and ecologically aware technologies. Remember, peaceful development of nuclear reactors for energy production is only about 50 years old. When you take into account the wanton destruction of the environment and the loss of lives apparent in the pursuit of fossil fuels, nuclear energy production appears to be extremely safe by comparison.

One of mankind’s greatest stepping stones to it’s place in the world today is generally credited to be the discovery of how to make and sustain fire. It also happens to be one of the primary organizing paradigms behind the development of our societies. Fire allowed mankind to drive back the night. The circle of light and heat around the campfire draws people together and we have no doubt that the first creative stories about daily activities or developing beliefs occured in that intimate setting of the campfire.