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January 3rd, 2008
Incandescent Lamp Obituary
By Dale Roethlisberger

The run of the incandescent lamp has lasted over a century. With the passage of the Energy Act of 2007, U.S. manufacturers of lamps for lighting fixtures will begin the process of phasing out incandescent lamps by the year 2012. The reasons for the demise of incandescents are strong. Technological obsolescence in the case of incandescents means vast energy savings in regular usage of compact fluorescent lamps or even better, light emitting diodes. The manufacturers of lamps are reluctant to admit the huge increase in lifetimes as well. Let’s face it, manufacturers of lamps have a vested interest in selling the public ever more lamps. Long lasting lamps might put a dent in recurring replacement sales. Read the rest of this entry »